Next Gen FSBO in East Memphis TN

Selling your home can be an exhaustive and expensive process. Some homeowners choose to go the For Sale By Owner route, which lets you set your own price and save on real estate agent commission fees. However, other options, such as working with Community FSBO, can help you sell your home yourself without using a real estate agent, but you still get the support and know-how of a licensed realtor.

We help homeowners in Shelby County and the greater Memphis area to list their homes for sale by owner so they can maximize their profits.

Save on Commissions

Money Back Guarantee
No Hidden Fees

How to List Your East Memphis Home on the MLS

The multiple listing service is a worthwhile way to get exposure for your home. Because Community FSBO is a member of the National Association of REALTORS and licensed in Tennessee, it can legally list your real estate for sale on the MLS on your behalf. 
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The Challenges of FSBO and How Community FSBO's Services Simplify the Process

With the traditional FSBO method, you’re responsible for taking care of the photos, writing the property description and properly marketing your home. It can be pricey, time-consuming and exhausting, especially if you’re handling a full-time job. 

Opting for Next Gen FSBO™, which is Community FSBO's specialized approach, can simplify the process of listing your real estate for sale. Some features include qualifying buyers, handling the photography and 3D virtual tour, writing property descriptions and assisting with marketing. We take on the majority of the tasks of listing your home so you don’t have to. 

FSBO Packages and Community FSBO Add-Ons for Sellers

We offer three FSBO packages. The Basic FSBO Listing Package starts at $699 and is only for selling your primary residence. The second and most popular choice is the Standard FSBO Listing Package, which starts at $1,299 and applies to all types of real estate listings. The Professional FSBO Listing Package starts at $1,799 and is ideal for all listing types. 

Multiple features are included with each package, along with optional Community FSBO add-ons to give your listing extra appeal. A few potential add-ons include virtual staging, twilight photography and aerial photography.

Contact Community FSBO About Selling Your East Memphis Home

Just because you want to sell your home by yourself doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Call Community FSBO today, and let’s discuss our Next Gen FSBO™ approach. We can help you sell your home in East Memphis for a significant profit.

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Next Gen FSBO™ for East Memphis Homes

Contact us today to learn how we’ve helped many Shelby County residents list their houses for sale by owner. Let us help you get started with your own East Memphis FSBO MLS listing!

*Money Back Guarantee is not available for homes with a purchase price of less than $175,000.

*If your home is less than $175,000, we can still list your home for you on any Package Plan, however, we do not offer a Money Back Guarantee at that price point.

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