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We use statistically backed marketing media to provide the For Sale by Owner with real estate marketing tools the professionals use.

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If you are serious about selling your home on your own, look no further than Community FSBO

We start with our 3 listing packages: Basic, Standard and Professional. Each package contains a listing duration and specific media marketing services produced by Axiom360HD Digital Media®. See below for more details on some of the media services included in our packages.
Featured Services

Single Property Websites

  • Community FSBO’s websites created specifically for a property help sellers present a more professional and polished image to potential buyers. This can help build trust and create a positive impression, which may lead to faster sales.
  • Our websites highlight property features with custom content for better search engine visibility. This provides a more compressive picture of the home and increases the online presence which can generate more leads.
  • Another benefit of single property websites is improved tracking and analytics.  Traffic can be monitored more precisely and by doing so help sellers to better understand which online marketing efforts are working and which are not. This allows sellers to make adjustments to their marketing to improve results.
  • Community FSBO’s single property websites are mobile friendly and according to a study by the National Association of Realtors, 44% of home buyers use a mobile device or application to search for properties.
Featured Services

Professional Photography

  • According to a study by NAR (National Association of Realtors), 95% of homebuyers use the internet in their home search.  That means online listings with high-quality photos are essential to making a good first impression.
  • Professional real estate photos can help a property sell faster!  In a study by Redfin prior to the recent home selling frenzy, homes with professional photos sold faster than homes without professional photos.  On average, homes with professional photos sold within 3 weeks of being listed, while homes without professional photos took an average of 6 weeks to sell.
  • Professional real estate photography can also help a property sell for more money.  A study by Redfin found that homes with professional photos sold for an average of $3,400 to $11,200 more than homes without professional photos.
  • According to a survey by NAR, 90% of homebuyers consider photos to be the most important feature of a listing.  Additionally, homebuyers who viewed online listings with professional photos were more likely to visit the property in person rather those listings viewed with amateur photos.
  • According to a study by VHT Studios, homes with professional photos receive 118% more online views than homes with amateur photos.

3D Virtual Tours

  • 3D virtual tours can increase engagement with potential homebuyers, as they spend more time viewing the property and sharing the tour with others.  According to Matterport, properties with 3D virtual tours receive 49% more qualified leads than those without and tend to sell at an average of 20% faster.
  • By using 3D virtual tours, sellers can reduce the amount of time and energy spent getting ready for in-person showings. This can be a benefit for both buyer and seller as it allows the buyer to have a greater understanding of the layout, design and flow of the property whereby increasing the quality of showings for the seller. It’s a 24/7 open house!
  • A study by Realtor.com found that listings with virtual tours receive 87% more views than those without and 22% more offers than those without.
  • 3D virtual tours have been shown to keep online visitors on a website 3-6 times longer than sites without this feature.
  • Zillow reports that homes with 3D virtual tours received 50% more views than those without.
Featured Services

Floor Plans

  • According to a survey by NAR, 92% of home buyers said that floor plans are important in their home search process.
  • According to a study by Rightmove, properties with floor plans sell 30% faster than those without.
  • Floor plans help potential buyers understand the layout of the property and can help them visualize the space.

FSBO Packages

Save Thousands on Listing Fees, MLS Fees and Photography Costs!

For Example, Using a 2,000 Sq. Ft. Home Selling for $350,000 at a 3% REALTOR® Listing Fee of $10,500 (Not Including Buyer Agent Fee):
Basic Package

$10,500 REALTOR® Listing Fee
Less $699 Basic Package Fee
Equals Savings of $9,801 and a

Standard Package

$10,500 REALTOR® Listing Fee
Less $1299 Basic Package Fee
Equals Savings of $9,201 and a

Professional Package

$10,500 REALTOR® Listing Fee
Less $1799 Basic Package Fee
Equals Savings of $8,701 and a

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For Homeowner Primary Residence Listings ONLY
Save money while effectively showcasing your property to potential buyers with our budget-friendly Basic FSBO Listing Package. You'll receive a comprehensive listing period on MAAR MLS, professional photography, professional yard sign and other valuable features to help you sell your property.
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For ALL Listing Types
Are you a seller who wants to list their property as "for sale by owner" and attract more qualified buyers? Our Standard FSBO Listing Package includes a longer MAAR MLS listing period, showing appointment service, secure REALTOR® lockbox, single property website and plenty of other features to help you generate more interest in your listings.
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For ALL Listing Types

Our Professional FSBO Listing Package is the ultimate solution for sellers who want to achieve maximum results in the shortest amount of time. With the 3D virtual tour, floor plan and room measurements, you'll be able to provide potential buyers with an immersive and engaging experience as if they were there in person.