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Community FSBO® REALTOR® Assisted Options

You've listed your property, receive an offer, but don't know what to do next.  Or you've gotten too busy to take care of the details from contract to closing. We have created the following options to provide an extra safety net to help you sell your home successfully.

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Community FSBO® REALTOR® Assisted Options

Contract To Close

The Contract to Close feature is one that can help streamline the closing process and significantly reduce seller stress and anxiety that can occur in the selling process.  This feature covers everything from negotiating a contract through the final closing, making sure all of the necessary steps are taken to achieve a successful closing.

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Why Contract To Close?

One of the primary benefits of the Contract to Close option is the peace of mind it provides the seller. Instead of the seller having to manage each step of the pre-closing process, the seller can rely on the real estate expertise of Community FSBO® to guide them through the entire process.  Our real estate professionals have vast experience in negotiating contracts and inspection proposals, understanding the appraisal process, preparing necessary documentation, and navigating the various legal requirements that come with selling a property.  By utilizing Community FSBO’s Contract to Close service, sellers can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a licensed real estate professional while realizing the cost savings of not having to pay full-service real estate agent fees. To purchase the Contract to Close option, please send an email to stating you would like to upgrade to the Contract to Close option. A Community FSBO® representative will reach out to you ASAP by email to deliver the documentation that require signatures for the upgrade to be finalized. Once finalized, expect a call from and in-house Community FSBO® REALTOR®.

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Community FSBO Realtor Assisted Options

Money Back Guarantee

After listing your home with Community FSBO®, if you are not completely satisfied with our listing model and find that it is not for you for whatever reason, you can qualify for a 100% refund of your original listing fee (Basic, Standard, Professional) by utilizing our Community Ambassador REALTOR® Network and closing with your assigned Ambassador REALTOR®.  Our Ambassador REALTORS® are fully vetted, full-service REALTORS® located in your local area and provide a full complement of all-inclusive home selling services with commission rates to be shared between the listing broker and the selling broker.

When using our Community Ambassador REALTOR® Network, not only do you qualify for our Money Back Guarantee, but you are also ensured a seamless transition from listing as a FSBO to being represented by a full-service REALTOR®.  This saves you time and money!  Furthermore, you do not have to set new appointments for media capturing sessions, all previously captured media (including purchased add-on media) will be copyright licensed, rebranded, and delivered to your new listing agent for usage within 24 hours of the completion of the transfer documentation. All of this allows for your new listing to be up and running in no time without the hassle of starting the listing process all over again from the beginning!

To qualify for the Money Back Guarantee, email and let us know you are ready to cancel the listing agreement with Community FSBO® and wish to utilize our Community Ambassador REALTOR® Network. We will assign one of our local Community Ambassador REALTORS® to assist you with the listing and sale of your home and the original listing fee paid by you to Community FSBO® will be refunded at closing as long as you close with your assigned Community Ambassador REALTOR®. That’s it!

*Money Back Guarantee is not available for homes with a purchase price of less than $200,000.

*If your home is less than $200,000, we can still list your home for you on any Package Plan, however, we do not offer a Money Back Guarantee at that price point.

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